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  1. Engee


    My Carp trip two weeks ago had me casting to some ghost Carp again, but I did end up finding some aggressive guys. Six Carp to hand and two more that came off after a good fight. One small smally too. The Carp I was casting to were more aggressive than I've seen in years. They were chasing the...
  2. Engee

    Rod holder for boat

    Funny you should ask. I hadn't heard of Folbe until searching for a new rod holder for my pontoon boat. I ordered a Folbe two-rod holder and love it. It holds rods securely just like the Scotty and is multi-adjustable. I was impressed by the quality and it's made in USA!
  3. Engee

    Lake fishing - leashed or unleashed?

    The only time a leash might have been handy was when an angry Carp yanked my 8 weight out of my hand and headed for deep water in the Columbia. I instinctively dove headfirst into the river and luckily got the rod by the very end of the grip, and low and behold, I landed the Carp. Buzzy can...
  4. Engee

    the Mother of Canyon River trouts

    Wow!! Great write up and absolutely beautiful photos. I didn't realize the Yak had fish like that in it. Amazing!
  5. Engee

    Lead pyramid anchor

    I bought a 15lb at Sportsmans warehouse in Moses Lake( several month ago) , as they had a bunch. The store in East Wenatchee at the time didn't have any.
  6. Engee

    CHARt topper

    Great story and what a gorgeous fish! Nothing better than an adventure with solitude included.
  7. Engee

    Lake Lenore Lahontan Rescue - volunteers, anyone?

    Great job organizing this Pat and a big thank you to all of you that worked to make this a success!
  8. Engee

    A true quality fishery 3/22 - 3/23/2023

    Great write up Rex. It was great meeting you out there last week. I can only hope to be fortunate enough to gain a fraction of the fishing knowledge that you have.
  9. Engee

    A true quality fishery 3/22 - 3/23/2023

    I've been down that scary ladder you speak about. It was a little unnerving, but I did catch some nice fish. I don't have any luck finding the fish at the lake highlighted in this thread. Been skunked twice there in the past week, although yesterday was shortened due to frozen toes.
  10. Engee

    Cold toes

    Looking forward to the article Billy. The A-scope shows a real time view of any fish that might be hanging out inside the transducer cone. Thanks
  11. Engee

    Cold toes

    Billy, I enjoyed your great photos and the information you shared on the use of your Striker sonar. I've fished that lake a few times and really wonder about the that hike again. I've watched the 1-1/2 hour on the use of the Striker 4 twice now but still need to learn to mark fish. Do you ever...
  12. Engee

    Rio fly line

    Great. I just bought a new Rio Extreme Indicator line. I don't fish as much as many on the forum but I will definitely keep an eye on it.
  13. Engee

    Stillwater indicator watchers: What's your approach?

    Didn't see Pat's post. He's always one step ahead of me.
  14. Engee

    Stillwater indicator watchers: What's your approach?

    Simply...DIH. Works every time.
  15. Engee

    Float tubes suck

    All boats have their place. I would rather fish from my float tube than my pontoon boat mostly because it's easier to get to the waters edge. I tend to try to take too much stuff on the pontoon boat, and that equates to reorganizing, hair pulling and a much more frustrating experience, My float...
  16. Engee

    Stillwater indicator watchers: What's your approach?

    My bags of bobbers will also last a lifetime. They don't release enough to create any wear! It takes a little catching to wear a bobber.
  17. Engee

    Stillwater indicator watchers: What's your approach?

    All great replies. I appreciate the info. I'm usually too busy fishing to play with the sonar, but I do need to put the rod down and just take the time to play with the settings and get used to what I'm seeing. Thanks to all for the help!
  18. Engee

    Stillwater indicator watchers: What's your approach?

    I too have Striker 4 that does me almost no good because I don't know how to use it. The video is great, but way too long to digest in one viewing. I do understand that fish you see have already passed through the transducer cone, so do you use the A-Scope on a split screen to tell if there are...
  19. Engee

    First hike-in seep lake outing of the year for me 3/9/2023

    Nice report Rex. Glad to hear you're on the mend. Never had any stones, but I hauled a friend from work at Priest Rapids to nearby Mattawa with an attack, and I thought he was going to pass out on me on the 10minute drive.
  20. Engee

    Stillwater indicator watchers: What's your approach?

    oops. I just finished reading this thread for the second time and realize this the second time I posted this photo. Dementia!!